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What People Say

She has been much happier

I have a nonspeaking daughter with autism. Since she started taking Neuralli she has been much happier and feels much more at ease in her body.

Marlowe B.

I have seen a big change

I have seen a big change in my husband. His tremors are doing better. And overall he feels better. Thank you!

Betty N.

So happy right now

Since taking Neuralli - I've seen a significant improvement on my depression and anxiety. I feel good so I do good. So happy right now and grateful for this technology.

Joe L.

Awareness before meltdowns

I've started to notice the pauses, breaths, and awareness I have before the meltdowns begin. I'm less overstimulated than I've ever been. After 2 weeks I started sleeping straight through the night without waking up, and my sleep rhythm completely synced with the rest of my body and mind. IT WAS UNREAL. It's the sleep pattern I've longed for.

Peter H.

Thank you

This probiotic has transformed my sons development! I’ve recommended it to everyone!


Working for my wife

Seems to be working for my wife whom has Parkinson's. been using about a month and have noticed that the shaking in her hand has decreased.

Bob O.

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