Microbiome help for mind and body

More “happy hormones” for your brain from a probiotic?

Turns out your gut is good for more than just digestion.

What the clinical science says about NeuralliTM

Neuralli provides 60 billion CFUs of L. plantarum PS128, a neurologically active probiotic strain.

In three clinical studies of PS128 conducted with autistic people, PS128 provided nutritional support to improve several neurological and behavioral measures.1-3

In a pilot study with 25 Parkinson’s disease patients taking PS128 alongside their own prescribed anti-Parkinsonian medications, participants noted significant improvements in motor symptoms and quality of life4.

The mighty microbiome

The trillions of microorganisms inside your gut play a crucial role in healthy gastrointestinal function and in your overall health.

Scientists have long known about the link between the microbiome, inflammation and the immune system.

Now we know that a healthy microbiome can also lead to a healthier brain.

The gut-brain connection

L. plantarum PS128 in Neuralli can have neurological health benefits without ever leaving the inside of your intestine.

PS128 appears to balance “happy hormones” like serotonin and dopamine, as preclinical studies suggest.

For folks with neurological conditions like ASD, PD and ADHD, that’s happy news!

Bringing the body into balance, naturally

Unlike pharmaceuticals, which can overpower the body’s natural functions, Neuralli works with your body and your microbiome to gently adjust imbalances.

Whether it's increasing beneficial gut microbes, or balancing dopamine or serotonin, the overall outcome could be the same for you:

A happier gut. A healthier mind.

Did you know…?

How is NeuralliTM different from a probiotic I can buy at the store?

Many probiotics on the market can affect gastrointestinal function. A healthy gut may make you feel better, but L. plantarum PS128 in NeuralliTM goes even farther. It can actually have a direct impact on neurological functions like clear thinking, mood, and movement as seen in the lab and in the clinic.

Where can I find the 12 clinical studies about PS128?

 L. plantarum PS128, the active ingredient in Neuralli, has been clinically studied in people with neurological health conditions, with mental health challenges, and in athletes. Summaries and links to the scientific research studies can be found here.

Why does NeuralliTM come in a CSP bottle?

NeuralliTM is packaged in a new type of bottle that is the state-of-the-art in probiotic packaging. It’s designed to keep the inside of the bottle very dry so your probiotic stays as active as possible for as long as possible.

Can PS128 help me if I don’t have gastrointestinal problems?

Yes. In clinical studies, neurological benefits from PS128 were seen in patients with and without GI symptoms.

What makes NeuralliTM special?

NeuralliTM is formulated at the same amount of PS128 used in clinical studies - 60 billion colony forming units (CFUs).