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What people are saying about Neuralli Mood

The Hug Your Brain Needs

“I started taking Mood a few weeks ago and I can count a noticeable difference in my attitude toward life. Things aren’t easier than they were before I began taking it, but I have resiliency that I haven’t seen in myself in a very long time.
I have a greater capacity to do hard things like having uncomfortable conversations that I would previously avoid at most costs. And though we’ve had snow day after snow the last few weeks and I’m a single working mom, I’ve kept a surprisingly positive attitude about the mounting pressures of juggling it all.
I’d even go as far as to say that I have enough mental peace to spend some of my brain power on proactive tasks like problem solving things in my life that need attention.
I threw Mood into the deep end of the pool by trying it when I was already grossly overloaded mentally and physically. I think that’s what impresses me so much about it. Mood is kind of like the hug your brain needs when life’s struggles come down hard. It doesn’t take away the hard, but it does offer peace in the middle of the storm.”



“Saw a difference in my overall energy and mood levels. Would recommend to anyone. This product made a difference for me!”