Our Team

David Lee

Chief Operating Officer

David’s mission is to make a world where his family can thrive. He’s on Team Fiction and loves getting lost in magical worlds.

Carletus Willis

Chief Growth Officer

Carletus loves exploring new places. If he could have one super power it would be to absorb books just by touching them.

Ravinder Pal Singh

Director of IT & Project Management

Ravi’s dream is for the Bened team to get together for a wedding bash. He considers himself to be the Iron Man of Project Management (and we agree).

Casey Arendt

Editor in Chief / Director of Science Communication

Casey is a self-described chocoholic triathlete who's always up for trying a new restaurant with friends.

Noelle Patno

Chief Science Officer

Noelle’s job is to prompt relevant, accurate scientific information. She enjoys ballroom dancing in her free time.

Sunny Cash

Community Director

Sunny’s ideal job title is “Full-Time Friend Maker.” She calls her dog, Freya, her house antelope. Sunny loves the work of Eric Garcia, particularly We’re Not Broken.

Ryan Carroll

Retention Director

Ryan loves helping people however he can. His favorite pastime is going on family camping trips.

James Eickel

Partnerships and Programs Manager

James likes to spend her time thrifting. She calls her corgi, Bruce, Brucifer.

Serena Tsai

Program Manager

Serena believes organizing is her destiny (and we agree). She loves any and all meat dishes.

Daiz Bonbon

Customer Happiness Manager

Daiz loves to pass the time by reading Anne Rice novels. She would love for the Bened team to do a getaway on an island like El Nido or Coron.

Anas Jameel

UI/UX Architect

Anas’s meal of choice is biryani. He likes to call himself the Minister of UI Affairs (not bad!).

Rose Hughes

Neurodiversity and Disability Specialist

Rose is driven by the purpose her role here gives her. Her favorite food is a banana milkshake.

Alyssa Salter

Neurodiversity and Disability Specialist

Alyssa loves to spend time with her service dog and wife at the beach. She wants the Bened team to go bowling together!

Kayla Peterson


Kayla is a writer because, in her own words, “it’s what I do best!” She wants the Bened team to get together for a trek in Zion National Park.

Casey-Lee Flood


Casey-Lee does what she does because she believes all brains deserve supportive acceptance. She has three pets – you should definitely ask her what their names are.

Michael Shabi

Graphic Designer

When he’s not designing, Michael loves listening to music and eating fried rice and plantains.

Roosevelt Sledge

Customer Happiness Specialist

Roosevelt considers himself a connoisseur of French fries. He uses words and actions to deliver smiles across the world.

Audrey Yeh

Marketing Associate / Project Coordinator

Audrey’s favorite food is any kind of soup. She wants the Bened team to come together at a National Park to go hike and camp together!

Maeve Ginsberg

Senior Copywriter

Maeve loves to do as many physical activities in nature as possible. She is our resident wordsmith and grammar patrol.  

Isaiah Grewal

Neurodiversity and Disability Specialist

Disney World is my happy place. I've compiled an ultimate guide on how and why it can be one of the funnest Autistic travel destinations.