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What the clinical science says about PS128

Neuralli MP provides 60 billion CFUs of L. plantarum PS128, a psychobiotic strain that affects signaling in the brain.

In four clinical studies conducted with Autistic people, those taking PS128 showed clinically meaningful improvements in several neurological and behavioral measures. (1-4)

In a pilot study with 25 Parkinson’s Disease patients taking PS128 alongside their own therapies, participants noted significant improvements in motor symptoms and quality of life. (5)

Clinical improvements in anxiety (6) and depression (7) have also been noted.

The mighty microbiome

The trillions of microorganisms inside your gut play a crucial role in communicating to your brain, and are even associated with changes in behavior.

Scientists have long known about the gut-brain axis. Now we are learning that certain probiotic strains can affect the gut microbiome-to-brain axis.

For folks with neurological differences or conditions like autism, autism with ADHD-like traits, PD, anxiety, and depression, that’s happy news!

The gut microbiome-to-brain

The unique strain L. plantarum PS128 provides microbe reinforcements for your gut microbiome, to support the brain and behavior.


Preclinical studies suggest that PS128 can help to balance dopamine and serotonin in the brain via gut microbiome-to-brain signaling.

Clinical studies suggest Neuralli MP’s PS128 provides benefits for people with neurological conditions related to unbalanced dopamine and/or serotonin.

A natural addition to your diet

Unlike pharmaceuticals which target disease symptoms directly, Neuralli MP is a medical probiotic that provides dietary support to the gut microbiome-to-brain axis.

It’s time to add the right microbes to your diet.

Neuralli MP: Specialized gut microbes for your neurological condition.

Did you know…?

How is Neuralli MP different from a probiotic I can buy at the store?

Many probiotics on the market can affect gastrointestinal function. A healthy gut may make you feel better, but L. plantarum PS128 in Neuralli MP goes even farther. It can actually have a direct impact on neurological functions like clear thinking, mood, and movement as seen in the lab and in the clinic.

Where can I find the clinical studies about PS128?

 L. plantarum PS128, the active ingredient in Neuralli MP, has been clinically studied in Autistic people, as well as people with Parkinson's Disease, anxiety and depression. Summaries of the scientific research studies can be found here.

Can my child take Neuralli MP?

Children as young as 3 years of age have used 60 billion CFUs per day of PS128 in clinical studies. Please keep in mind that since each child is different, dosage may vary. Kindly review the labeling to ensure Neuralli MP is right for your child, and consult your health care professional.

Neuralli MP is a medical food intended to be used under the supervision of a health care professional.

I can’t take pills - how can I take Neuralli MP?

If swallowing the capsule is uncomfortable, you can open the shell and take the powder. (Take it all at once to guarantee its potency.) If you’d like, you can mix Neuralli MP powder into a cool drink or food of your choice. It should not be added to warm/hot foods or liquids. Read more here.

I have a medical condition. Can I take Neuralli MP?

As a medical food, Neuralli MP should be used under the supervision of your health care provider. Its active ingredient, PS128, has been studied in Autistic people and people with Parkinson’s, anxiety, and depression (see references here).

PS128 may play a role in modulating neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin in some individuals. If you have concerns about this, please speak with your health care provider before starting or stopping Neuralli MP.

While each ingredient in Neuralli MP is generally recognized as safe (GRAS), Neuralli MP has not been tested for safety and effectiveness in populations with other medical conditions. We recommend that you consult with your health care provider to decide if Neuralli MP is right for you.

Can I take Neuralli MP if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, we recommend speaking to your health care provider for guidance. They will have the best recommendations for you with your health history in mind.

Visit our Neuralli MP FAQs page for more information!