What to Know about Neuralli Mood

Probiotic + Postbiotic Blend for Stress

by Bened Life

An impending deadline, a major project, a wedding, demanding responsibilities, even a big athletic goal – life can really dial up the stress at times. Chronic stress puts your brain and body on high alert, which can take a toll on them both.

When life gets challenging, finding ways to mitigate the effects of stress on your body and on your mind is crucial. Introducing Neuralli Mood.

Neuralli Mood is a probiotic + postbiotic blend designed to support a healthy stress response* by tapping into your gut-brain axis. It’s a new way to sleep more soundly and tackle daily challenges with clarity and calm.* And it’s intentionally formulated with the uncommonly transparent, science-based approach and exclusive gut-brain microbiome focus that Bened Life is known for.

What Is Neuralli Mood & How Does It Work?

Neuralli Mood is a dietary supplement designed to help with stress in everyday life.* It contains two proprietary strains from Bened Life: our signature psychobiotic strain, L. plantarum PS128, and the stress-reducing,* heat-treated L. paracasei PS23 postbiotic.

PS128 is a probiotic – a living organism that provides a health benefit when taken in a specific amount. PS128 is quite different from most probiotics in that it acts on the gut-brain axis to help with psychological stress.

HT-PS23 is a postbiotic - a preparation of PS23 cells that have been treated with high heat. They may not be alive, but they aren’t “inactive”! Clinical studies show that HT-PS23 provides health benefits for both psychological and physical stress.

How Does Neuralli Mood Relieve Psychological Stress?

Preclinical studies suggest that PS128 balances levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain* – pretty impressive for probiotic bacteria that are just passing through the gut! These two neurotransmitters are important for mood and sleep, and clinical studies suggest PS128 helps with both.* It improved sleep quality* in a randomized controlled trial and also reduced job stress* in a single-arm study of stressed tech workers.1-2

HT-PS23 complements PS128’s abilities well. In a randomized controlled clinical study of highly stressed nurses, HT-PS23 reduced so-called “state anxiety,” the stress and worry related to a specific situation.* Researchers also noted reduced blood cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone.3 

You may find it curious that a postbiotic strain like HT-PS23 could help with your response to a challenging work environment or other life circumstances. After all, we’re used to thinking about gut bacteria as only affecting our gut health. But that same study of stressed nurses suggests it’s possible. The most stressed participants reported significantly improved job satisfaction and overall psychological health* after 8 weeks of HT-PS23, but those taking a placebo didn’t.3


What Makes Neuralli Mood Different from Other Mood Supplements?

At Bened Life, we hold ourselves to a high standard in terms of the products we create, how we deliver them to your doorstep, and how we treat you every step of the way.

We are transparent about exactly what and how much of each strain goes into Neuralli Mood. We’re proud of the years of patient scientific research that have gone into every one of our strains, and each one is in there for a reason. That’s why you won’t find a long list of cheap “filler” species with unidentified strain names, or strains without published research on our label.

We also included clinically studied amounts of both PS128 and HT-PS23 so you get the potency you deserve. This intentional formulation puts Neuralli Mood head and shoulders above many other mood probiotics on the market.

And because the two strains in Neuralli Mood have published peer-reviewed studies behind them, it’s easy to understand why we chose them.

Stress hormone levels: In a randomized controlled study, HT-PS23 postbiotic decreased cortisol like a great stress-reliever should. Preclinical studies suggest PS128 can do the same.

Mental health neurotransmitter levels: Here is where our strains really outshine the competition. Multiple PS128 preclinical studies show that it alters levels of “happy hormones” serotonin and dopamine in the brain which affect mood; effects on dopamine are a rarity amongst probiotics. In addition, HT-PS23 may be the only postbiotic known to affect dopamine in the brain in preclinical studies.

Science-backed strains. Clinically relevant amounts. Transparency all around. That’s what Bened Life is all about, and what you get from Neuralli Mood.

What Else Can Neuralli Mood Help With?

Neuralli Mood is great for your brain, but it could also be good for your gut and your muscles*! 

  • PS128 may influence gut health by supporting healthy levels of Akkermansia* and short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) like butyrate4, which help to maintain a healthy gut lining*

  • PS128 may improve muscle recovery after endurance sports*4-6

  • HT-PS23 showed benefits to muscle recovery after a hard strength workout*7 

If you experience stress, work out hard, or are very serious about your health, give Neuralli Mood a try, and see how it can help you.


I’m Already a Bened Life Customer – Is Neuralli Mood for Me?

Neuralli Mood is a new product from Bened Life that is designed for people without a medical condition who can use support for a stressful life.* If you have a medical condition, consider Neuralli Medical Probiotic instead.

If you are a dedicated Neuralli medical probiotic fan, there’s no need to change what you’re doing or add Neuralli Mood to your own regimen. But you may know someone else without a neurological condition who could benefit from Neuralli Mood.

You Take Your Responsibilities Seriously. So Do We.

Whether you focus on delivering at your 9-5, caring for others, or both, you are driven to do it well while taking care of your own physical and mental health. At Bened Life, we want to support you, especially when life gets stressful.

We’re the gut-brain probiotic specialists who first brought PS128 to North America with our Neuralli medical probiotic. We also work hard to ensure that your Bened Life products arrive at your door as effective as possible. While HT-PS23 is a shelf-stable component of Neuralli Mood, PS128 is a delicate probiotic strain that does best when kept cold, dry, and away from acids.

Here’s what we do to keep the PS128 in Neuralli Mood maximally effective for you:

  • We use special capsules that only dissolve in the pH neutral environment of the intestine to make sure your precious CFUs make it past the acid bath of the stomach and get to where they are needed.

  • We package Neuralli Mood capsules in desiccant-lined CSP bottles to keep them safe from moisture.

  • We ship Neuralli Mood cold and fast in the most effective and eco-friendly packaging we could find. 

Your Neuralli Mood purchase also enables us to continue to perform clinical research into PS128 and HT-PS23 that is published in peer-reviewed journals.


You Can Thrive Under Stress!

Higher quality sleep and less stress in your day could be possible.* All it takes is reaching into your fridge for two capsules of Neuralli Mood before bed each night.

Order now or visit the Neuralli Mood Product page for more details!

Neuralli Mood

L. plantarum PS128 & HT L. paracasei PS23
daily supplement

Manage stress via the gut-brain axis* with this proprietary psychobiotic probiotic-postbiotic duo.

1 Bottles
60 capsules/bottle
One-time purchase
$ 99/bottle

$ 99

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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