My Experience with PS128: Rose’s Neuralli Story

Hey there! I’m Rose*, and I’m an autistic woman with a passion for travel. I was pretty skeptical at first about PS128, but here we are, six months later, and I love Neuralli

How PS128 Has Impacted My Life

I do feel a difference since starting PS128. There are other factors at play, but there are plenty of signs that Neuralli is positively impacting me. You may find it helps to ask those around you if they’ve noticed any changes in you, after some time taking the Neuralli. Sometimes others notice the changes before you do!

For me, I have noticed some shifts in my meltdowns, my anxiety, and my mental state in general. I do feel clearer. Maybe calmer, which results in processing situations differently. 

As I continue to take Neuralli, I notice more and more positive improvements. I would say my concentration is better. When I was working in retail, which only ended recently, I really believe I coped better with how stressful that was because I came in armored with the support of Bened Life and Neuralli. 

Neuralli can help with meltdowns and anxiety for Autistic people

I suffer quite badly from anxiety and depressive swings, which I’ve worked through my entire life. It’s hard to describe, and I won’t pretend all that has magically gone away. I do not believe Neuralli is a magic wand, but I do think it’s alleviated the full force of those issues, giving me a clearer mind during the times I know I am swinging into a low. 

My Neuralli Routine

I was slow getting into a routine to start. I often forgot to take the Neuralli capsules. I switched between morning and evening dosage, mostly because I would forget. Adjusting to an unscheduled new medical probiotic alongside my already-pretty-confusing pill routine was a bit challenging, but I have taken my Neuralli consistently for about three months now.

What helped me get consistent was sticking little sticky notes on my fridge door and mirror, as well as setting alarms on my phone. Now that it’s been long enough, I no longer need to do that, although when I stay away or go on holiday, I do still need to set reminders/ prompts or I will forget again! And that’s ok; whatever method works well for you to find your routine is perfectly valid! 

Neuralli can alleviate anxiety and depressive swings for some people

Why I Love Neuralli

I have no side effects to report from Neuralli. (Wow, big for me!) I think my own issues are still with consistency and remembering to take it, but that’s definitely improving. I am surprised to be honest. My OWN belief in Neuralli has grown, and therefore I’ve found myself sharing this with others: wanting to help or to explain it to people so they too can benefit from it.

I recognize it’s not yet available or accessible to everyone. This isn’t something that Bened Life will ignore and are actively working towards remedying. I know I am in a privileged position at the moment, which makes me even more grateful to be taking something that may just make the difficulty I face living in a neurotypical world easier. 

If I could give you any advice, it would be to maintain an open mind and give it a go. I honestly have no regrets and continue to see the benefits.

* Rose Hughes is a Neurodiversity and Disability Specialist at Bened Life who is based on Belgium. Follow her on Instagram (a.tint.of.rose), LinkedIn (roselhughes), or Twitter (Spectrumcandy)

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