Gut-Brain Probiotics and ASD and PD

You probably already know that probiotics promote healthy gut function. However, most people don’t know that the gut and brain are very closely linked via the gut-brain axis. 

In fact, L. plantarum PS128 appears to balance levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin in the brain without leaving the gut. 

If this comes as surprising news to you, you’re not alone! Even biotech experts are just beginning to understand the implications of the gut-brain axis.

In early 2022 Bened Life COO David Lee wrote a short article for the biotechnology industry magazine LifeSciVoice about the gut-brain axis and possible roles of gut-brain probiotic strains like L. plantarum PS128, the active ingredient in Neuralli (now called Neuralli MP).

Parkinson’s disease and autism spectrum disorder can be considered “gut-brain” conditions, with gut dysbiosis and brain chemistry imbalances influencing one another. Most people with these conditions also have an imbalance in dopamine and/or serotonin levels, and many experience distressing symptoms even if they are receiving medical treatment. For all of these reasons, Neuralli MP could be a low-risk and potentially helpful option.

Read David's article about the gut-brain axis and ASD and PD here. 


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Posted by Ted on

This sounds very interesting – but I have a concern. How will this product affect PD with Lewey Bodies dementia? Has any study been done on this issue? Thank you ted

Posted by Stanley on

I always enjoy and benefit from your posts. Maybe there’s hope for treatment and not just treating symptoms.
May I ask a question? Does taking PS128 have any effect on non-motor symptoms of PD? (hallucinations, depression, etc)
Thank you

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