What to Expect in Your First Month Taking Neuralli

You’ve placed your order and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your first shipment of Neuralli Medical Probiotic. Here’s what to do next!

1. Store Neuralli in the fridge

    When you receive your box, bring it inside as soon as possible and put each of your Neuralli bottles into the refrigerator (they’re heavy, aren’t they?). It’s ok if the inside of the box is not cold. If it’s warm and any included ice packs have melted, don’t worry! 

    We work hard to make sure that every time you take Neuralli, you get the full clinical dose of L. plantarum PS128 - that’s 60 billion CFUs per two capsules.

    Most probiotic manufacturers are happy just to put the right CFUs in the bottle at the factory and then hope for the best. At Bened Life we go the extra mile to make sure Neuralli is actually as potent when you take it as the label says.

    We do that in five ways:

    • Pack each capsule with even more PS128 than promised
    • Ship it to you fast from our US-based warehouses
    • Ship on ice in hot weather to keep Neuralli cooler
    • Use CSP vials to keep every capsule in the bottle moisture-free
    • Remind you to keep Neuralli in its bottle all of the time, and in the refrigerator most of the time

    2. Take Neuralli consistently every day

    The time of day that you take Neuralli can be whenever works best for you. Some Autistic adults find they prefer to take two capsules in the morning. Parkinson’s patients were instructed to take two capsules in the evening after dinner in a clinical study (1). If you are giving Neuralli to a child, it’s ok to experiment with the best time of day and even to split the dose if necessary. In clinical studies (2-4), parents were given freedom to find the time of day that worked best for their autistic child.

    You can open the capsules and mix the powder into a cold, non-acidic drink or cold food if you are not able to swallow a capsule.

    When and how you take Neuralli each day is flexible. What’s crucial is that you take Neuralli every day for neurological health benefits, and always keep Neuralli cool and dry. Neuralli should be kept inside its own bottle for highest potency, and it is best stored in the refrigerator.

    We recommend setting a reminder on your phone or using a visual cue that helps you to remember Neuralli instead of adding it to a pill box. It’s ok to leave your current bottle of Neuralli out on the counter for up to 14 days, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Make sure to keep any additional bottles in the fridge for long-term storage so they will be at maximum potency on their “Best By” date.

    Neuralli should be refrigerated upon arrival and used every day for best results

    3. Adjust to your new probiotic

    Anytime you make a big change to your diet or add a new probiotic, it’s possible your gut may need some time to adjust. You may experience a bit of gas, bloating, or stool consistency changes as you start taking Neuralli. Any GI upset should be mild and should subside within a few days to a week.

    If you experience an allergic reaction or gut issues that don’t resolve on their own, stop taking Neuralli and consult your health care provider.

    4. Watch for neurological health benefits

    Neuralli’s active ingredient is L. plantarum PS128, a unique neurologically active probiotic strain that has been studied in 12 clinical studies to date. PS128 has been found to help with:

    • Attention - less inattention and less hyperactivity and impulsivity (2-5)
    • Mood - less anxiety, and observation of behaviors that indicate less anxiety (2-4, 6-7)
    • Movement - improved akinesia and activities of daily living (1)
    • Sleep quality - less likely to wake up during deep sleep (6).

    Preclinical studies suggest that these benefits may be attributable to changes in serotonin and/or dopamine signaling or metabolism when taking PS128. Not everyone will experience all types of benefits, and how they look on the outside will vary from person to person.

    *How can you tell if Neuralli is helping you? We suggest writing down details of struggles you typically encounter with attention, mood, movement, and/or sleep quality. Your doctor may also suggest benefits or potential side-effects of the neurological effects of PS128 that you should watch for.

    After 4 or more weeks of taking Neuralli consistently, note any changes. It may also help to ask someone close to you what differences they’ve noticed in you.

    Here are some examples of changes Neuralli customers and PS128 clinical study participants and their family members have reported:

    • Sleeping through the night more regularly
    • An “extra breath” before experiencing an autistic meltdown
    • Less sensory overload allowing a wider range of activities
    • Shorter duration of “off” periods, and easier movement

    To make it easier to track your progress, you can use My Neuralli Journal, a free download from Bened Life. You can download it from our resources page and get started recording your baseline in just a few minutes.

    [Complete checkout to download the free My Neuralli Journal and get tracking!]

    Use the Neuralli Journal to track changes as you use Neuralli for the first time

      Got questions?

      We are happy to answer any questions you may have and really do want to hear about your experience with Neuralli. Please use the Contact page to reach our Customer Happiness Team.

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      Posted by Seine Demel on


      Posted by Seine Demel on

      I’ve been taking your product for a while .Started with Solace. Very happy with results. I need only one pill perday, that’s why I did not subscribe… Recently I bought 2 more bottles.. I see that you have a new offer. It’s an excellent product for Parkinsons.

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