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Make the Nevers PossibleTM

24 “Make the Nevers Possible” Moments

Bened Life and KultureCity are teaming up to make 24 life-changing Nevers possible for people with sensory sensitivities and invisible disabilities in 2022-2023.

What is a Never?

It’s doing something BIG that you never thought you could for yourself or a loved one.

Sensory sensitivities, disabilities, and lack of access are no match for KultureCity’s network of amazing volunteers and Sensory Inclusive™ organizations.

Make the Nevers Possible examples:

Taking a first-ever airplane ride

Pitching in a big-league ballpark

Giving a speech for the first time

Running a half marathon

Meeting Elmo

Having a birthday party with friends

Make the Nevers Possible™ aims to provide individuals with the opportunity to make their own, and their family's Nevers possible.

We are not limited by accessibility, time, space, location or size of your dream. So dream big!

“Working to make a measurable impact on the invisible disability community is at the heart of what Bened Life stands for. We are honored to be the headlining sponsor for the Make The Nevers PossibleTM program and look forward to playing an integral role in improving the lived experience of those with invisible disabilities and sensory sensitivities.”

- Sunny Cash, Community Director at Bened Life.

Nominate someone you
love for a Never!

Do you know anyone with an invisible disability or sensory needs with a dream they never thought would come true?

Nominate them for a Never! Or nominate yourself!

Bened Life is partnering with KultureCity to provide the support and opportunities needed to make 24 Nevers into a reality.

Who qualifies?

People with:

  • Autism
  • PTSD
  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Down syndrome
  • Mental illnesses
  • ADD/ADHD/Learning and behavioral disabilities
  • Any invisible disability or sensory need


Bened Life is proud to partner with KultureCity. Every day KultureCity works to make places where people gather more accessible for all people with invisible disabilities.

  • Make the Nevers Possible program. KultureCity works with families to help individuals with sensory sensitivities or invisible disabilities enjoy special events, experiences and dreams.
  • Sensory Inclusive Certification for organizations. Training on different invisible disabilities and how to accommodate them.
  • Sensory Inclusive Certification for locations. Venues install signage and sensory rooms, and provide sensory bags of tools for individuals with sensory sensitivities.
  • Sensory Inclusive Pop-ups to make one-time events like concerts, festivals and vaccination clinics more accessible.


When a person with an invisible disability gets to go to a sports game, concert, or play for the first time, it can open a world of self-assurance, which may expose a new career path and a more positive outlook on life.” - Julian Maha, co-founder of KultureCity

Learn more about KultureCity and look for Sensory InclusiveTM Certified locations and events in your area.

Bened Life is proud to have earned Sensory InclusiveTM Certification as an organization by KultureCity. It’s important for us to serve the communities our product is intended to help in every way possible. Being Sensory Inclusive holds us accountable to the communities we care for.

What makes us sensory inclusive?

PS128 has been studied in people
with invisible disabilities like autism,
Parkinson's, and anxiety.

Sensory InclusiveTM training of the Bened Life team by KultureCity.

In-house Neurodiversity and Disability specialists.

Work Culture
Sensory friendly work culture with flexibility and choice in how neurodivergent and disabled employees communicate and work.

Bened Life:
Unlocking the gut-brain axis

Bened Life provides neurological support for people with invisible disabilities via microbiome-based products. We are on the leading edge of health science innovation, making specialized probiotics that influence brain health. Neurall MP, the first gut-brain medical probiotic, helps people live a "Making the Nevers Possible" life.

Why Neuralli MP?

  • Gut-brain dietary support: In autism, less anxiety and improved attention have been observed with PS128
  • Science-backed: 8 clinical studies of active ingredient PS128 for people with a diagnosis, including autism, Parkinson’s, and anxiety.
  • Accessible: Free of major allergens and inulin; can be used as a capsule or powder.

We believe that better gut and neurological health can help open up new experiences so you and your loved ones can live life to the fullest.
- David Lee, COO of Bened Life


Neuralli MP Grant Program

Our goal is to get Neuralli MP into the hands of as many people as we can help.

The Bened Life Neuralli MP Grant Program provides 24 three month trials of Neuralli MP per quarter (3 bottles of 60 capsules each of Neuralli, a three-month supply).

Individuals and families are invited to apply.

April 2024 to June 2024: 12 out of 18 grants were awarded so far

Bened Life Partner Program

Bened Life partners with health care providers, community leaders, and other experts who are looking for new tools to support gut-brain health in the people they serve.

Start a conversation with us about how to talk to your community about Neuralli MP, the first neurologically active medical probiotic: