Unlock the power of the gut-brain axis

Unique gut-brain probiotics that support
mental and
neurological health.

Neuralli® MP

The first gut-brain medical probiotic.

L. plantarum PS128 provides dietary support for people with
neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

What the clinical science says about PS128

Neuralli MP is powered by the unique probiotic strain L. plantarum PS128.

PS128 has been studied as a nutritional add-on therapy for Parkinson’s Disease. After three months, participants taking PS128 along with their medication reported significant improvements in motor symptoms, “off” time, and in their quality of life.

Neuralli MP is formulated with 60 billion CFUs of PS128 per 2-capsule serving, the same amount used in the clinical study of Parkinson’s Disease.

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What People Say

My husband has Parkinson’s and takes two of these a day. They really help him move better. He also sleeps better. If he cut back to one he notices a difference in how he moves not quite as well. We are definitely sold on it!

Julia M.

Good customer service, had product within 3 days after ordering. Have been taking PS128 for about 6 weeks now with two pills daily. Hoping to see some improvements in sleeping and movement as I’ve had Parkinson’s for some time now. Does seem to improve the small amount of levadopa I’m taking by extending its effects. Hoping for more benefits in the next 6 weeks with improved sleeping and movement.

T. Ensman

My husband has Parkinson’s & we have long known about the brain-gut relationship. Having tried many different products & not noticing any difference, we feel that PS128 has made a difference in his regularity & evened out his mood. For him, this has been a great product. We feel it is well worth the price.
Also, the company is reliable & has great customer service.

K. Mross

PS128 has helped me, with digestion and also with movement issues. I have Parkinson's Disease.

Ann Goldberg

I bought this for my husband who had Parkinson's disease. To date, his back pain has been alleviated, he is able to stand up from his chair without issue now and just today, he has regained the ability to cut his food without issue. We are so excited to see what is yet to come. He has taken this for 4 weeks to date.

S. Ishmael

This probiotic has dragged me out of a deep depression that has been a chain around my neck for years. My limb tremors have slowed down a bit. It has also aided in “normalizing” my digestive system. These are but a few of the positive results I have experienced with PS128. I am hoping that they will continue!!
L. Russell

This probiotic has immediately given me a lift. I’m autistic and have several gastrointestinal issues. This probiotic reduced my amount of painful cramping and other GI issues. I am absolutely grateful to Bened for creating this. I feel so much more independence and confidence. It has been life changing.

A. Salter

I have 2 Grandsons, one with ASD the other a TBI. The PS128 certainly makes a difference to their behaviour and gives them the opportunity to integrate into community better. We live in Australia and hope the PS128 will become more readily available over here although the speedy shipment from Solace has been great and the care taken with the packaging.


I have enjoyed this specialty probiotic - benefit of helping with anxiety, sleep and endurance performance sports! I mainly take it for triathlon, and race results have been amazing this year. We are at the tip of the iceberg on how important gut health is, and this is fascinating to see how it can impact so many systems in our body.   Customer service has been great and very personable!   I can’t wait for more and more research to come out on this.


PS128 was the best for my autistic son. For many years we tried everything, 17 months now, his behaviour has been provided so much responses to environment, surroundings and happier. I’m not thanked enough for it!

L. Tsai

Bringing gut & brain into balance

Hidden away in your gut is a diverse ecosystem of trillions of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microorganisms - the microbiome.

A healthy microbiome supports healthy gut function and so much more. It can even help to balance brain chemicals for better attention, sleep, mood, and movement.

When you’re dealing with a neurological condition, you can’t trust just any probiotic on the shelf to help bring mind, mood and movement back into balance. Only specific strains can do that. Bened Life is dedicated to promoting neurological and mental health with unique brain-focused probiotics that are backed by clinical science.

It’s easy to find out if Neuralli MP works for you

  1. Take 2 capsules a day.
  2. Do this for three months.
  3. See what differences you notice in mood or movement.

Customers taking Neuralli MP have reported shorter “off” times, easier movement, improved mood, better sleep.

Continuous and regular use of Neuralli MP provides the best results.

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Ingredients        Shipping Details



L. plantarum PS128™, inulin, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, and vegetable capsule.

Not manufactured with gluten, peanuts, soybeans, milk (including lactose), nuts, eggs, shellfish, fish, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, sulfur dioxide and sulfite, lupin and molluscs. Produced in an FDA-regulated, third-party audited, and cGMP-compliant facility that may process other products that contain these allergens or ingredients.

Each serving (2 capsules) contains at least 60 billion CFUs of L. plantarum PS128™.


Shipping Details

You can expect to receive your order within 3-7 business days. Neuralli™ MP ships expedited via UPS in insulated packaging with ice packs. Orders not shipped by Wednesday will generally ship out by the following Monday to avoid weekend delays.

For urgent orders or special requests such as requiring a signature for delivery, please email [email protected].

Ice packs may arrive melted. They are added to reduce overall temperature exposure during travel, but Neuralli MP does not need to arrive cold. Neuralli MP can travel at temperatures up to 99° F and may arrive warm to the touch.

We recommend that Neuralli MP be refrigerated to guarantee the highest quality through its best by date. Each Neuralli MP capsule includes an extra amount of PS128™ added at the time of production to account for any loss that may occur during transport and storage.

International Shipments

Shipments outside the USA, including Canada, are subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges are included at checkout and are the buyer’s responsibility.

Please find all Shipping Policies here.

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To see if Neuralli MP works for you, please consider 2-month trial or more.
Neuralli MP contains the unique neurologically active probiotic strain L. plantarum PS128.
PS128 was administered for 2 or more months in all but one clinical study.**

**In studies of people with neurological conditions. 

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Feel more comfortable in your own body

We get it - GI issues, mental health struggles, and neurological conditions can all be uncomfortable sometimes. That’s why we are getting the word out about our unique neurologically active probiotic and the science behind it.

Since 2015, PS128 has become a trusted helper for folks with Parkinson’s disease, for Autistic people, and so many others around the world.

Check out our science. Read our story. Then try Neuralli MP for yourself or your loved one.