How to Get the Most out of Neuralli

Your box from Bened Life will be arriving soon! You’ve made the investment in a 2+ month Neuralli trial. How can you ensure that you’ll get the most benefit from it? 

Here are our top three pieces of advice to make the most of your Neuralli medical probiotic trial experience:

#1 - Take Neuralli consistently every day 

In clinical trials of PS128 for autism, Parkinson’s Disease, anxiety, and depression, participants were required to take the probiotic every day. If you want to notice a benefit over the 2 months of your Neuralli trial, we strongly recommend that you do the same!

There are many ways to customize your Neuralli experience so you can stay consistent.

While most start with 2 capsules per day right away, some people choose to start out with a 1-capsule per day serving and work up to the recommended 2 per day. In consultation with your health care provider, find the starting point that works best for you. 

If you can’t, or prefer not to, swallow capsules, you can open the Neuralli capsules and mix the powder into cold food or drink. Refer to our blog and video about ways to take Neuralli for more details.

The time of day that you take Neuralli is up to you. Many people start by taking two capsules before bed. If that doesn’t work well for you, try taking them in the morning. You can also take the two capsules at two different times during the day if necessary.

Refer to our blog “What to expect during your first month with Neuralli” for more advice about how to stay consistent with Neuralli.

#2 - Track your progress with “My Neuralli Journal”

How will you know if things are different after a few weeks or months with Neuralli? The best way is to carefully record your “baseline”, and then compare it to your health monthly.

Bened Life has developed the free My Neuralli Journal to help you do just that! You can download it from our resources page and get started recording your baseline in just a few minutes.


Before you start Neuralli, or soon after you start it, we encourage you to note down your observations for as many “health items” as you wish. You’ll notice things like “mood”, “sleep quality”, “overstimulation” and others in the list of suggested health items to track. You may have other aspects of your quality of life that you hope that Neuralli will help with, and you can write those in. Ask your health care provider what they recommend tracking as well. 

Then give each health item a score from “I can’t imagine it getting any better than this” to “Needs dramatic improvement” and everywhere in between! You might like to use the “notes” area in the Journal to record more details for one or more of your health items. The more details the better.

Each month as you finish a bottle of Neuralli, refer back to My Neuralli Journal to note down how each health item rates now, so you can see what has changed.  

Some changes might be obvious to you. However, some changes might be so gradual that they are better observed by a supportive person who is close to you. For example, one mom noted that she hears her child’s laughter more after Neuralli. Another Neuralli customer’s spouse was the first to notice that she was finally sleeping better. 

[Complete checkout to download the free My Neuralli Journal and get tracking!]

#3 - Store Neuralli in the refrigerator in its own bottle

Even if you take Neuralli every day and carefully track your progress with the My Neuralli Journal in consultation with your health care provider, there’s one last thing you’ll want to do to make sure you get the best results possible - store Neuralli as recommended.


PS128 can provide nutritional support for gut microbiome-to-brain signaling for autism, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, and depression. However, it is not optimized to stay alive for weeks or months at room temperature.

To ensure you’re getting the full 30 billion CFUs of PS128 per capsule that we promise, you should store Neuralli in its own low-humidity CSP vial inside the refrigerator as much as possible. 

Afraid you’ll forget to take Neuralli if you can’t put it in your pill organizer or on the counter next to your other bottles? Here are some suggestions that might help:

  • Set a reminder on your phone that goes off every day at a convenient time
  • Place a reminder object near your pill organizer that “stands in” for Neuralli 
  • Put a note on your bathroom mirror to remind you to take Neuralli before you go to bed

“Stacking” your daily Neuralli habit with another habit that you already have can lead to success, even though you can’t leave Neuralli out where you can see it.

Let’s get tracking!

For the most effective outcome for your 2+ month trial, take Neuralli every day, use the My Neuralli Journal to track your progress, and store your bottles in the fridge. Consult your healthcare provider about taking Neuralli alongside any other interventions.

While not everyone may benefit from taking Neuralli, using the product as intended and tracking relevant outcomes as well as outside influences can help you pay attention to its possible effects. 


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