Bened Life's Noelle Patno Discusses PS128, Brain Serotonin, Autism and More

How is it that a tiny microbe ingested into our gut can have such a huge influence on our overall lives and well-being?

Bened Life’s Chief Science Officer Noelle Patno dug into this key question and more on a recent episode of the Finding Genius podcast with Richard Jacobs. In her episode, “Unlocking Wellness: Understanding the Gut’s Role in Health & Happiness with Noelle Patno,” she dove into probiotics, PS128, neurological conditions, and autism research. 

Listen to gain deeper insight into the science behind PS128. You’ll learn:

  • How L. plantarum PS128 is a psychobiotic 
  • What serotonin is, where it’s produced, and how PS128 might influence it
  • Why serotonin is particularly relevant for Autistic people
  • Current and future research PS128, the gut-brain medical probiotic in Neuralli® MP 
  • Future clinical research with Autistic adults
  • What other populations PS128 has been studied for

Dr. Patno gets into gut-produced serotonin vs. brain-produced serotonin, how gut microbes might regulate brain serotonin, how serotonin levels differ in Autistic people, and much more. 

Whether you’re all about microbes or are simply curious to learn more about how PS128 might help you or a loved one, you’ll walk away armed with greater knowledge on the gut-brain axis and the studies behind PS128.

Listen to the podcast episode here:


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