Ways to Take Neuralli MP

Neuralli MP is the first gut-brain medical probiotic and is formulated to address the unique dietary needs of people with neurological conditions such as ASD and PD.  (Neuralli MP, formerly Neuralli, is intended to be used with the supervision of a health care professional.)

Many people who might benefit from Neuralli MP have sensitivities and disabilities that make it hard to take a capsule. For example, some Autistic people have sensory, motor, and coordination support needs that make swallowing capsules difficult. Likewise, some people with Parkinson’s Disease have difficulty with swallowing. Never fear, alternatives are here!

Fortunately, swallowing it as a capsule is not the only way to take Neuralli MP - you can also use the contents of the capsules in powder form. Here are the questions people commonly ask us about using Neuralli MP as a powder:

How do I get the powder out?

Neuralli MP capsules can be twisted and then pulled open.

Open the capsules over the cold food or drink that you wish to mix it with so you don’t lose any of the powder. We do not recommend mixing Neuralli MP powder into hot foods or liquids, as its potency will be decreased.

You can mix Neuralli MP into any cold liquid such as:

  • Water
  • Juice
  • Iced coffee

It can be added to cold foods as well:

  • Apple sauce
  • Yogurt
  • Pudding

Mix thoroughly, and consume within a few minutes for best results.

What does Neuralli MP taste like?

Neuralli MP has no flavor and does not alter the taste of the liquid or food. We have tested this multiple times to guarantee consistency and to make sure there aren’t any extra sensory barriers to taking Neuralli MP.

Be aware that adding Neuralli MP to yogurt, pudding, or food with a thick consistency can create a slightly grainy texture.

What does Neuralli MP smell like?

When you open Neuralli MP capsules, you may notice an odor that some with sensory sensitivities may not like. This smell is normal and nothing to be worried about.

Will using Neuralli MP as a powder make it ineffective?

The active ingredient in Neuralli MP is the bacterial strain L. plantarum PS128. This strain is relatively stable in the presence of acid such as the acid in your stomach. Many people throughout the world consume PS128 as a powder. In addition, in a study to help dogs with separation anxiety, some pet owners provided PS128 as powder mixed in food. Positive results were observed, indicating that the PS128 provided in the alternative forms was effective. 

Have more questions about how to take Neuralli MP? Please use our contact form, and our customer happiness team will be happy to assist you.


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