Neuralli MP or Neuralli Mood - Which Should You Choose?

At Bened Life, we’re known for microbiome-based products with the ground-breaking psychobiotic strain PS128 and our flagship product Neuralli MP (formerly Neuralli). 

As of January 2024, we are pleased to announce the addition of Neuralli Mood to our product line-up! It also contains the PS128 probiotic strain, as well as postbiotic HT-PS23. 

You may be wondering, how do I choose which product is best for me? Here are three suggestions.

Option 1: Decide based on your needs

To reduce stress, choose Neuralli Mood. It is designed to help people who are experiencing stressful times in their lives and are looking for ways to decrease the impact of that stress on their bodies, minds and moods.

Neuralli Mood contains 30 billion CFU of PS128 probiotic and 20 billion cells of HT-PS23 postbiotic. These strains helped healthy people with intense stress and decreased stress hormone levels in clinical studies.*

If you have a diagnosed mental or neurological health condition that is related to serotonin or dopamine, consider Neuralli MP medical probiotic. This product has our highest amount of PS128  - 60 billion CFU per two-capsule serving. 

Neuralli MP is a medical probiotic that is designed to be taken under the supervision of a health care provider, and may not be appropriate for those who are sensitive to high dopamine or serotonin levels. Information about Neuralli MP for your health care provider can be found here, including a list of the neurological conditions where PS128 has acted as dietary support.

Option 2: Decide based on which strains you want to incorporate into your diet

Both Neuralli MP and Neuralli Mood contain L. plantarum PS128, a unique probiotic strain that preclinical studies suggest alters dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. This strain has been studied in people with several neurological conditions, as well as in people who encounter severe stress in their lives. You can find all the clinical and preclinical studies concerning PS128 on Google Scholar

Neuralli Mood is the first product from Bened Life to include heat-treated L. paracasei PS23, a postbiotic strain. In a randomized controlled clinical study of highly stressed nurses, HT-PS23 reduced “state anxiety,” the stress and worry related to a specific situation.* Researchers also noted reduced blood cortisol, the body’s main stress hormone. The most stressed participants reported significantly improved job satisfaction and overall psychological health* after 8 weeks of HT-PS23, but those taking a placebo didn’t.

A quick comparison of Neuralli Medical Probiotic and Neuralli Mood from Bened Life

Option 3: Take our quiz

This one is our favorite! Our on-staff probiotics experts have put together a short 6-question quiz that can help to point you to the right Bened Life product for you. 

Got a minute? 

That’s all it takes to get your gut-brain match! Take the quiz here: Link

Don’t want to choose? 

If you have already successfully incorporated 2 capsules of Neuralli MP medical probiotic into your daily routine, there is no need to add Mood to your regimen. However, if you wish to try combining both products without decreasing your daily 60 billion CFUs of PS128, here is our suggestion:

  • For mood benefits, try one capsule of Neuralli MP in the morning and two capsules of Neuralli Mood in the evening. 
  • For sleep benefits, try one capsule of Neuralli MP with two capsules of Neuralli Mood in the evening.

PS128 helps with mental and neurological health 

Whether you have a neurological condition or a stressful life, Bened Life is committed to providing safe and effective microbiome-based solutions for you and your family and responsive customer service both before and after your purchase. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


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