Introducing Neuralli

Introducing Neuralli™ Medical Probiotic

Since 2012, medical science has exploded with new research into the gut microbiome. From gastrointestinal function, to weight gain, to food allergies, we now know that gut microbes have a powerful influence on our physical health. No wonder so many people choose to take probiotics as supplements and in foods. 

But you might not know that the gut microbiome also plays a significant role in neurological and mental health. "Happy brain hormones" like dopamine and serotonin are produced in the gut, and their levels are influenced by gut bacteria. These same neurotransmitters are imbalanced in certain neurological conditions like ASD and PD that also affect gut health. 

Introducing Neuralli, the only probiotic medical food formulated to address the unique dietary needs of people with neurological conditions such as ASD and PD. 

Each dose, two capsules, of Neuralli contains 60 billion CFUs of L. plantarum PS128, a unique probiotic strain that is neurologically active. Since 2015 when our parent company Bened Biomedical introduced PS128 to the world, 35+ million doses have been sold worldwide. In the years since then, the neurological health benefits of PS128 have been studied in many human clinical trials. Neuralli stands on a rich history of PS128 science and helping people with neurological conditions.

Neuralli is the first neurologically active medical probiotic

If you’re not familiar with the many probiotic strains out there, you might think all probiotics are pretty much the same. Is there really any difference between Neuralli and yogurt with “live cultures” or a supplement for gut health? 

There is! 

First of all, Neuralli is neurologically active. The active ingredient in Neuralli is the live probiotic bacterial strain L. plantarum PS128. When the acid-resistant Neuralli capsule reaches your gut, PS128 is released. Its beneficial effects, as demonstrated in multiple clinical trials, may be due to mechanisms demonstrated in preclinical studies. These suggest that taking PS128 balances the levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin in key areas of the brain. The vast majority of probiotics do not have this ability.

Secondly, Neuralli is a medical probiotic. In other words, it contains a specific amount of a specific probiotic strain that has been shown by clinical science to provide specific health benefits you can’t get just from eating food. 

The PS128 probiotic strain in Neuralli has been studied in 12 published clinical trials so far. Three trials involved people with autism, and one had participants with Parkinson’s disease. In the four trials, a majority of participants experienced one or more neurological health benefits. These included improvements in social interaction and levels of anxiety in children with autism, and less “off” time for patients with Parkinson’s disease (learn more about Neuralli science here). 

In most clinical trials of PS128, patients took 60 billion CFUs per day, either as capsules or as powder. PS128 is resistant to stomach acid, allowing it to be used as a powder mixed with food if needed. Each bottle of Neuralli includes a 30 day supply of this same clinical dosage for neurological health benefits (60 capsules at 30 billion CFUs per capsule).

Our commitment to quality

At Bened Life, we believe that people with invisible disabilities deserve safe and effective choices when it comes to neurological health. We act on this belief by developing strains that are well supported by peer-reviewed science. We also work hard to make sure that the product that lands on your doorstep is of the highest quality. Here are a few things about Neuralli that illustrate our commitment to quality:

Made in the USA

It was important to us to produce Neuralli in the USA for a number of reasons.

  • Carbon footprint and heat exposure are reduced by manufacturing Neuralli in the same country from which it is shipped.
  • Our manufacturing partner is FDA-regulated and required by law to adhere to stringent cGMP manufacturing processes.
  • Our factory is audited by third-parties for unbiased quality assurance.

Less travel, higher quality, more accountability. Our US manufacturing process is one of the many ways we put our customers first.

Packaged in CSP bottles

Neuralli is packaged in state-of-the-art 3-Phase Activ-Polymer™ CSP vials. CSP vials keep the inside of the bottle very dry and maintain maximum probiotic potency. Unlike lower-grade bottles that contain a small packet of desiccant, our bottles keep nearly all moisture away from the capsules. That means more of those precious PS128 CFUs you’ve invested in stay alive and active until you take them.

Packed in special acid-resistant capsules

Neuralli’s BioVXR capsules are exceptionally resistant to the acidic environment of the stomach, which protects the probiotic bacteria from inactivation. While there are many types of capsules that dissolve relatively slowly in acid, most dissolve at a similarly slow rate in the more neutral pH environment of the intestines. The BioVXR capsules we have chosen for Neuralli have the distinct advantage of dissolving very rapidly once they reach the intestines, releasing L. plantarum PS128 into the gut where it can do its work.

Protected against high-temperature travel

Neuralli can travel at temperatures up to 99°F safely, arriving at your doorstep with a minimum of 30 billion CFUs of PS128 per capsule, as promised. To make sure that each bottle of Neuralli is always delivered to you at full potency, we take these precautions:

  • Pack more CFUs into each capsule than the 30 billion listed to account for CFU lost in transit or storage. 
  • Ship overnight with ice packs in the USA during the summer.
  • Insulate with robust 1 1/2" thick, 100% recyclable, Climacell thermal panels.

Once you have Neuralli in-hand, we recommend storing it in the refrigerator to maintain maximum potency. If you want to keep your open bottle out in a cool, dry place for up to a month where you can see it, that’s ok too!

We're raising the standard

At Bened Life, we are raising the standard for probiotics by creating Neuralli, a science-backed medical food. We are proud to stand behind the strength of the science of PS128. 

Will Neuralli help you or your loved one? We invite you to find out by trying it for one to three months.



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60mg daily direction. Split dosing, 30 q 12 hrs vs single dose qhs of 60? Since you don’t specify I gather it doesn’t matter when or how.

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Looking forward to receiving information on this new probiotic for PD.

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